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As soon as the throttle trigger is pulled on this intimidating monster truck. Needless to say, wheelies are a breeze! The extraordinary power and performance comes from the Team Orion VORTEX brushless motor and new R8 ESC that combine to deliver simply breathtaking power and monster acceleration never seen before. With a heavy-duty chassis and drive train to back it up, the MAD FORCE Kruiser VE demonstrates superior durability. Also, the Readyset features a pre-assembled chassis, so just arrange your own batteries for the chassis and transmitter and a battery charger and you’re ready to bash in true monster truck power and style.


  • Solid Axles – Solid axles are equipped with front and rear differentials that feature machine cut steel spiral bevel gears in a shaft drive 4WD chassis that delivers spectacular drive power.
  • Longer Chassis – 30mm longer wheelbase compared to the original Mad Force and lowered suspension adds improved straight line and high speed cornering stability to the machine’s hard charging performance characteristics.
  • Improved Arm Position – Optimal position of suspension arms at 1G delivers improved maneuverability while retaining plenty of suspension stroke. Addition of rib reinforcements increases suspension arm rigidity.
  • Big Bore Oil Shocks – Features heavy duty big bore oil shocks as standard. Takes even the harshest punishment for long periods without complaint and provides excellent damping power.
  • Team Orion Vortex 8 – The Vortex 8 brushless motor and R8 ESC combo is what powers the Mad Force VE. The Team Orion R8 ESC is equipped with a cooling fan system that will always be on to completely prevent any pebbles from jamming the fan. Compared to the current RTR ESCs in which the fan will only turn on when the FET temperatures rise and cant engage due to a small pebble jamming it, causing overheating. Heat protection safe circuit, when this feature activiates, (automatically) the throttle fuction will shut down preventing any possible disaster. Auto Cut Off is another features on the Vortex R8 ESC, incase of a overload, the ESC will automatically shut down and protect the entire system. Auto battery detection, on/off switch is seperate from the ESC so its totally replaceable if the need arises and also has a switch dust cover as standard equipment.
  • Hot-Rod Kruiser Body – Features new hot-rod truck body design. Pre-painted so you can enjoy the action in true truck style without delay.
  • Chain Drive – Shaft and chain 4WD mechanism realizes highly efficient power transfer.
  • Heavy Duty Chassis – Includes heavy duty black anodized chassis side plates that are 30mm longer than standard Mad Force for more stability at high speeds.
  • New Knuckle Design – New knuckle design increases control angles. This will give you a smaller turning radius, you can run circles around the competition.
  • 19mm or 14mm – Features 19mm hex hubs. Just remove the top 19mm hex to reveal a 14mm hex hub that can also be used.
  • Steel Diff Gears – Ultra-strong steel diff gears are used in both front and rear diff to handle all the power being generated by the Vortex Motor.
  • 20 Ball Bearings – Total of 20 ball bearings used throughout the drive train for super efficient power transfer.
  • Interchangable – Front – rear interchangeable suspension arms for efficient maintenance and parts utilization.
  • Syncro 2.4GHz – A stylish FHSS 2.4GHz rc system featuring dual rate function all pre-installed in the Mad Force Kruiser VE. also features a 4 channel receiver, providing a high range of upgrades.
  • Vortex BL – The Vortex 2000kv brushless motor delivers powerful driving power from low to high RPM.
  • Ideal Chassis Balance – Specified for 14.4V or 14.8V power from twin NiMH or LiPo batteries. Parallel battery layout realizes ideal balance for control stability.
  • What is a Ready Set – A Readyset is a fully assembled model that includes nearly everything you need to run. Body Color scheme is complete so only consumables like batteries and 7.4v Lipo x2 /7.2v NiMh x2 are required so you can start operating the model without delay.
  • High Torque Metal Gear Servo – Equipped with a high torque metal gear KS-200 servo for the best performance right out of the box.


  • Pre Assembled Chassis
  • Pre Painted Body
  • Installed with Team Orion VORTEX 2000Kv brushless motor
  • Installed with R8 ESC for Team Orion VORTEX brushless motor
  • Cross Wrench

Required For Operation:

  • AA-sized alkaline batteries x 8 for transmitter
  • Batteries for chassis (recommended All Peak Li-Po Power Series (2cell), Powerflo Lipo Series (2cell) or Power Plant NiMh Series (7cell Max))
  • Proper charger for proper type of battery


  • Must have Super (Deans) plug.The default setting of the ESC is set for Li-Po battery mode. When using with NiMh battery packs, the setting will need to be changed to NiMh mode using the digital setup box(Peak Lipos / Sold separately).

Kyosho Mad Crusher VE

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